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We guarantee you premium support for every Member of Cape Verde International Fashion Hub. Trust us, we know from first hand the true meaning of the word “Support”.


We offer the following services


  • Brand Development

Assistance in developing and refining a client’s fashion brand identity, including logo design, brand messaging, and market positioning.

  • Visual Content Creation

 Services related to fashion photography, lookbook creation, and visual content production for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • Collaborations/Partnerships


Facilitating collaborations between clients and relevant industry partners, influencers, photographers, models, and other creative professionals.


  • Fashion PR and Marketing

Crafting effective marketing campaigns, brand promotion strategies, social media management and public relations initiatives to increase brand visibility and reach target audiences.

  • Retail and E-commerce Support

Advising on retail strategies, online store development, and digital marketing techniques to help clients effectively promote and sell their fashion products.

  • Manufacturing and Sourcing Assistance

Guidance in finding reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and sourcing options for fashion products, ensuring quality and ethical production practices.


  • Fashion Business Mentoring

Offering One-on-one guidance from experienced professionals on financial management, business planning, budgeting, and strategies for growth and sustainability.

  • Fashion Education

Workshops, courses, and resources to educate clients on various aspects of the fashion industry, such as garment construction, textiles, fashion history, and business fundamentals.

  • Access to Fashion Resources

Providing access to a curated selection of fashion magazines, industry publications, trend reports, and online databases for research and inspiration.


  • Runway and Fashion Show Support

 Assistance in organizing and managing fashion shows, runway presentations, and promotional events to showcase client collections.

  • Networking Opportunities

Facilitating connections between fashion entrepreneurs, designers, industry professionals, and potential collaborators through events, forums, and networking platforms.

  • Styling Consultations

Personalized advice and guidance on fashion choices, including outfit coordination, colour matching, and accessorizing.

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