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Meeting with the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries Abraão Vicente

Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente, to present his project Miss Cape Verde International. A project that was designed to not only promote beauty, but also engage and empower women. For Nereida Lobo, being a miss is not just representing beauty, but being open to the world to carry out work that can transform people. Thus, in this audience, she presented to the MCIC the Miss Cape Verde International project, which aims to conquer national pride, attract the attention of the world, but also catapult the main candidates to the world stage. In addition to these goals, the organization of this project, which is mentored by Miss Africa USA 2016, aims to find promising young people who defend social causes, advise them and, at the same time, teach them how to use parade platforms as a powerful tool. instrument. make positive changes in Cape Verde and in the world.

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