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Sola Oyebade, popularly known as Mr. Mahogany is the multi award winning, CEO/Founder of Fashions Finest Africa, a platform that he created to help emerging designers and models from all over Africa showcase their designs and talents.

He is also the CEO of Mahogany Productions and Events, an award-winning events production company and Mahogany Models Africa, an organization set up to scout and promote African models and models of color. Along with Fashion Finest Africa, these three companies make up Mahogany International.

He has been associated with some of the most successful fashion shows,performing various roles either as Show Producer, Project or Creative Director and Casting Director for models. Some of these shows include GT Bank Fashion Weekend, Africa Fashion Week London/Nigeria, London Fashion Week, Face of Sleek, Nigeria’s Next Top Designer, to name but a few.

He is the convener of Fashions Finest Africa Epic Show and Fashion Rave, the biggest Fashion Party in Africa. He has successfully hosted 3 editions of both events.

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