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Helena Moscoso

Helena Moscoso is a native of Portugal who fell in love with Cabo Verde and has made it her home since 2013. She has extensive tourism product development and marketing experience from working as a Dive Center and a Product Manager for local tour operators.  Since 2019, she has been working with the World Bank Group as an interpreter and consultant to different projects, such as the development of a PPD group for tourism development in São Vicente and Local Tourism Experiences development project. S. During 2020 she was also training tour guides and teaching Tourism Marketing at the University ISCEE in Mindelo, São Vicente. Helena is passionate about working with local Cabo Verde communities and has developed several new tour and experience packages.  Helena is a Portuguese-English-French-Creole interpreter and, among others, has worked with the government of Cabo Verde in this capacity. She is also the co-owner of SIMILI Transformação e Reciclagem Lda, an award-winning start-up that creates fabric out of fishing nets and works with the women from the community of Salamansa, aiming to empower them and create awareness to the discarded fishing nets problem. Simili also aims to create a circular industry working with artisans and other local persons to process ocean waste and other types of garbage that will eventually end up in the sea around Cabo Verde.

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