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Debora Roberto

I am a native Cape-Verdean sustainable tourism expert. With a university degree in Tourism, Leisure
and Spanish from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, I have an extensive knowledge
on the sustainable tourism in Cabo Verde. Apart from having worked with Vista Verde tours as a
product development, guide and project manager, I act as an auditor on the Quality Stamp initiative
development for Small Tourism Establishments in Cabo Verde. A certified trainer and have trained
guides and tourism professionals in São Vicente. I am also the co-owner of SIMILI Transformação e
Reciclagem Lda, a Blue Economy award-winner start-up, that creates fabric out of fishing nets and
works with the women from the community of Salamansa, aiming to empower them and create
awareness to the discarded fishing nets problem. Simili also aims to create a circular industry working
with national and international artisans and other creativities to process ocean waste and other types
of trash that will eventually end up in the sea around Cabo Verde.
I am currently an auditor for the Cape Verdean Government on the certification of sustainable
management of accommodations and travel agencies by IGQPI (Institute for Quality Management
and Intellectual Property), and the Ocean Race sustainable coordinator which will take place in
Mindelo on the 20th to 25th of January.

As hobby, I love swimming, currently swam 5.2km on Volta a Djeu competition in Mindelo, love
sports, hanging with my friends, creating and being part of new projects, specially if its sustainable,
walking my Labrador dog (Zulu), driving my classic Peugeot 505, listen to music (no specifically type,
depending on the mood), enjoying a glass a wine while reading a good book (spiritual books) and love
my own company. I usually participate in beach cleanings and also promote beach cleaning
experiences with tourists and locals.

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