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Cabo Verde International Fashion Hub in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries

The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente, received Uyi Aigbe Granville (Sam), Founder of CV International Fashion Hub, this morning.

In a bid to establish the governing body of the Cabo Verde fashion industry, with a 10 years eco-structure. Mr Uyi, who is also the founder and National Director of Miss Cabo Verde International presented to the governor the Cabo Verde international Hub project, which intends to bridge the gap between Cabo Verde, the African continent and the world through fashion by making Cabo Verde the fashion hub of Africa, which serves the global market. The structure consist of the Advisory board, for local and international fashion experts, the government institutions and members of the fashion industry, The hub is channelled towards a greener future, in his statement ''its imperative that we embrace sustainable practices in all sectors of our economy. One such sector that has a significant impact on the environment is the fashion industry. With the right strategies and policies in place, we can create a thriving fashion industry that not only promotes economic growth but also contributes to a healthier planet. We propose the development of a fashion industry in Cape Verde that can act as a bridge between the island nation and the rest of Africa and the continent at large. Cape Verde's unique location makes it an ideal hub for the fashion industry, with direct access to shipping lanes and proximity to major markets in Europe and America.

By establishing a fashion hub in Cape Verde, we can build a network of designers, artisans, and manufacturers that can collaborate across borders to create innovative and sustainable fashion solutions. This will not only create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region but also foster cultural exchange and promote creative partnerships. He propose that the Government invest in the development of this hub, by providing support for infrastructure development, training and education programs, and funding for innovative start-ups and small businesses. By taking a collaborative approach, we can build a stronger, more resilient fashion industry that supports the goals of sustainable economic growth across the region. We believe that this initiative has the potential to create a new, sustainable chapter in Africa's development, positioning Cape Verde as a key player in the African fashion industry. We look forward to working with the Ministry and Government in realizing this vision and building a brighter future for the region''

To further drive home his point, the successful launch of the Miss Cabo Verde International was a perfect example, in which brought a lot of Attention and investment into Cabo Verde after making history in Japan, with another project in the pipeline, he intends launching Kriol Fashion Week to pull more creatives to showcase in Cabo Verde at least twice annually, during the summer and winter seasons.



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