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Record Breaker: Miss Cabo Verde International Stephany Amado

While an African winner has yet to win Miss International, the continent seems to be getting close in making that possible. For the first time in history, the pageant saw the debut of Cabo Verde or Cape Verde for its 2022 edition.

Through the name of Stephany Amado, the stunning 23-year-old would not only become an instant favorite, but she would eventually make a groundbreaking achievement.
By placing second or 1st runner-up, she becomes the pageant’s highest placing African woman. Stephany is also the fourth African woman to penetrate the Top 5. She succeeds Eunice Onyago of Kenya (2015), Reabetswe Sechoaro of South Africa (2018), and Evelyn Karonde, Uganda (2019). All of them finishing as 2nd runner-up.

An impressive recognition for sure! Her feat wasn’t only a huge win for her country but surprisingly, also to the Filipinos.
This is because going in into Miss International, Stephany had the opportunity to work with many Filipino talents, helping her all the way. Let’s meet them one-by-one.


              Wearing a Filipino-designed Evening Gown

Along with her coronation glow, Stephany wore a beautiful evening gown that surely helped her capture the attention of the judges. Wearing a masterpiece by designer Allan Laserna, the soft green-colored mermaid gown features a halter-neckline and a lace bodice.

A color that works well at Miss International, it perfectly suits her skin, making her appear gentle and graceful. As she would describe it, the gown made her feel like a Disney princess, and we definitely agree!

       Showcasing a Filipino-designed National Costume

Meanwhile for her national costume, she collaborated with another designer, Kennedy Gasper. Taking inspirations from the pottery industry of Cabo Verde and its national fabric, the costume is named “Pano Di Terra Ceramica”.
Consisting of a dress that resembles a potted vase, the ensemble also has a complimentary headpiece and cape. Furthermore, Stephany explains the costume as:
“The vase symbolizing the sacrifice made by African women that had to walk miles to get water from the fountains to supply to their families. The pattern on the skirt symbolizing the traditional ”Pano di Terra” design (culture and history) as a proud representation to carry my traditions with me everywhere I go. And the cape has a black queen in the back representing the strength of the female warriors who fought for Africa. As my ancestors they will always have my back and guide my steps.”
A perfectly crafted costume that tells a rich and colourful history about the country, It is truly a work of art

            Training under a Filipino Pageant coach


Lastly, while this person isn’t technically a designer but a Filipino pageant team would not be complete if it didn’t have a mentor to lead the way. Taking under the wing of Makoy Manlapaz, Stephany was able to experience the magic of how Filipinos mold a beauty queen.
With the immense preparation she had to go through, the result was definitely seen in her performance.
Its just another way of building international relationships through beauty with purpose.

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