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The Cape Verdean fashion industry really has creative stylists who create/produce their pieces in a sustainable way
We decided to highlight 5 fashion designers in our community making statements with their art

           Mize Acessórios

A sustainable fashion brand in the Cape Verdean market where the objective is to create typically African pieces that intend to bring realities from our roots. her products are earrings, bags, necklaces with African motifs, she has recently started to work with sisal ropes and many whelks using typically Cape Verdean natural materials.

           Brink Art

Consists in the manufacture of costume jewellery where the main focus is the production of fully plastic ceramic earrings handmade, made by hand from the conditioning of the mass to product delivery packaging.

            Climax Moda

With a bold mission and vision, which aims to CREATE, DEVELOP and PRODUCE with quality, style and elegance, for the fashion world, acting sustainably, valuing the genuineness of Cape Verdean culture. Climax seeks innovation and creativity in fashion for the Cape Verdean market. In this way.

         Africa On Top

It is a new sustainable Cape Verdean brand undergoing rebranding, the brand is focused on designing and promoting African culture through African prints and in particular the Cape Verdean fabric, Panu di Terra to make exquisite pieces

         Kroxê pa Kretxeu

It is a crochet brand that has already made several pieces from beachwear, accessories, home furnishings, to jumpsuits and baby booties. Although beachwear is mainly after-products type, especially from customers living in diaspora. The items most ordered are bikinis and tops inspired by the Cape Verdean flag.

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